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cg0617@sbcglobal.net: What is the best FREE to try antivirus software?
Last week a virus malware app installed itself on my pc. It was called Antivirus 8. I thought I removed it with Superantispyware but no such luck. I keep getting all kinds of windows errors and the computer is just not acting the same. I cant even get MS Security Essentials to update now, and I installed AVG and I can’t run an entire scan without my computer crashing!! I don’t know what to try next.


Respuesta de Jason
Use linux.
I know few people who worked for well known anti-virus companies. They produce their own virus to “remedy” them. Of course no one is willing to step up and come out clean since it’s lucrative business.
If you are on Windows, I suggest using Microsoft’s products to defend against internet threat. It’s just a logical choice.

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